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Staten Island CYO

Summer League

Game Rules


The CYO Summer basketball league will play National Federation of High School rules with the following exceptions:


  • Lower grades (3/4/5) will play 2, 14 minute halves, women's ball all genders
  • Upper grades (6/7/8) will play 2, 16 minute halves, men's ball for boys
  • HS division will play 2, 18 minute halves, men's ball for boys, women's ball for girls
  • 3 time outs per game
  • Clock will stop on foul shots, the last 1 minute of 1st half, last 2 minutes of 2nd half, on whistles. The clock will run otherwise
  • Overtime will be 2 minutes, clock will stop in last 1 minute, on every whistle
  • Pressing defense will be permitted in last 2 minutes of 2nd half for lower grades
  • Pressing defense will be permitted in last 4 minutes of 2nd half for upper grades
  • Pressing defense will be permitted for entire game up to a 20 point lead in HS divisions
  • The 20 point press rule is in effect. However, if the team behind by 20 points press, the team leading by 20 points can continue to press. This rule intended to keep competitive balance during the game.
  • The defense must retreat behind half court on any rebound/steal where player “covers up”
  • Any ball that is advanced in an attempt of a fast break on a rebound/steal, is considered a free ball, and may be played by defense
  • The ball becomes live on the release of a foul shot in all divisions.
  • The 3 point shot is in effect for upper grade (6/7/8), and HS divisions.
  • Each team must have a full roster in order to participate in the CYO Summer League. However, teams will be permitted to start a game and play with 4 players as long as the game is competitive (30 points). If the team with 4 players is trailing by 30 points, at any point during the game, a mercy rule will be invoked. The mercy rule will only apply for teams with 4 players.

Note- The CYO Summer League directors, strongly discourage forfeits, and wish for every game to be played. Please make every effort to have 5 roster players at every game.

  • Any rule not covered in this document will go first to NFHS rules, next to regular season CYO exceptions.