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Welcome to the CYO of Staten Island

Welcome Staten Island

CYO Coordinators, Coaches, Parents, Players 

The mission of CYO is to provide the highest quality programs to our young people. We are committed to provide these programs based on integrity, fair play and the right of all individuals to participate. We view our responsibility as extending far beyond the mere teaching of athletic skills. Our programs offer the opportunity to develop moral standards in all of our young people.

Thank you all for being part of the CYO community. It is through the commitment, time and effort of our volunteers and participants that we are able to achieve the CYO mission. This Staten Island County CYO League website is sponsored by the NY Archdiocese Catholic Youth Organization with the intention of enhancing the CYO experience for all involved. 

Dave & Busters CYO Fundraiser, February 19th

FEBRUARY 19TH, 6pm - 10pm



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Playoff Brackets Coming Soon

2018 -2019


Playoff Brackets

Girls Divisions

3rd Grade Girls


4th Grade Girls A

4th Grade Girls B

5th Grade Girls A

5th Grade Girls B

6th Grade Girls A

6th Grade Girls B

7th Grade Girls A

7th Grade Girls B

8th Grade Girls A

8th Grade Girls B

Boys Divisions

3rd Grade Boys A

3rd Grade Boys B GOLD

3rd Grade Boys B SILVER

4th Grade Boys A

4th Grade Boys B GOLD

4th Grade Boys B SILVER

5th Grade Boys A

5th Grade Boys B

6th Grade Boys A

6th Grade Boys B GOLD

6th Grade Boys B SILVER

7th Grade Boys A

7th Grade Boys B GOLD

7th Grade Boys B SILVER

8th Grade Boys A

8th Grade Boys B

  8th Grade Boys C
9th Grade 10th Grade
11th Grade  12th Grade
Facility Schedules
click on facility name for directions
ASD View Facility Schedule
Blessed Sacrament View Facility Schedule
CSI View Facility Schedule
CYO MIV View Facility Schedule
CYO Port (DOWN) View Facility Schedule
Holy Child View Facility Schedule
Holy Family View Facility Schedule
Holy Rosary View Facility Schedule
JCC 1 View Facility Schedule
JCC 2 View Facility Schedule
Monsignor Farrell HS View Facility Schedule
OLQP View Facility Schedule
OLSS (WTC) View Facility Schedule
OLSS (PM) View Facility Schedule
St Christopher View Facility Schedule
St Clare View Facility Schedule
St Joseph by the Sea View Facility Schedule
St Joseph Hill Academy View Facility Schedule
St Joseph St Thomas View Facility Schedule
St Patrick View Facility Schedule
ST Peters Boys HS View Facility Schedule
St Peter St Paul View Facility Schedule
St Teresa View Facility Schedule

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Coaches, Coordinators, Fans, Parents and Players, 

CYO of Staten Island is proud to announce with the partnership of Sports Science Labs (https://nysportssciencelab.com/

On Court Contest” for a chance to win $10,000 at The A Division Championship Weekend scheduled for March 2nd and 3rd, 2019. 

Sports Science Labs is a world-class facility focused on optimizing performance of all athletes through measuring and quantifying the subtleties and complexities of athletic movement using state-of-the-art sports science technologies. Their mission is rooted in the philosophy that every athlete, regardless of age, body type or experience level, deserves to perform at their personal best. The SSL team of sports scientists, and exercise scientists is led by a sports physiotherapist who is also an adjunct professor at Columbia University. Sports Science Labs is located at 1165 Forest Ave Staten Island, NY(718-727-7466). CYO is very gracious of their sponsorship of this contest. 

Date : Contest will take place March 3rd, at halftime of the last game of the evening of Championship Weekend (“A” Division Finals)

Location:  St. Joseph By The Sea High School

Tickets:  Are currently on sale at CYO Port Richmond, CYO MIV Center, and all Shootin School Sessions for $5 each 


The following classes of people ARE ELIGIBLE to participate: 

o    CYO players of all ages (Biddy to 8th Grade)

o    CYO High School Division players who have never played for their High School 

o    All other Fans, Parents, and relatives 

The following classes of people shall be INELIGIBLE to participate: 

o    Current or former professional or semi professional basketball players or coaches who have played or coached at that level anywhere in the world

o     Current or former college or Olympic basketball players or coaches who have played or coached at that level anywhere in the world

o    Current or former high school basketball players or coaches who have played or coached at that level anywhere in the world within the past five (5) years. 

Drawing: Will take place at least 1 week before the Contest date. Contestant will be selected at random, as well as a backup contestant (should the original selection not attend the day of the event via emergency without notice) . The individual selected CANNOT choose another person to participate on his/her behalf. 

Any and all questions regarding anything involving this contest should be directed to Terrence Mayrose ( ).  We encourage you to share this within your parishes to let anyone interested in participate obtain the information. Please see the attached flyer for additional info. 

Thank you and good luck. 



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Catholic Youth Organization Presents Biddy Showcase Weekend

Catholic Youth Organization Presents Biddy Showcase Weekend Feb 16 & 17th 

All players will be awarded Medals after each game .

Biddy Girls   Match Ups  Gym Time Date
Biddy Girls Holy Child Red vs. Notre Dame St. Christopher  1pm 2/16/2019
Biddy Girls Holy Child Grey vs BSS St. Christopher  2pm 2/16/2019
Biddy Girls OLSS 2 vs OLGC St. Christopher  3pm 2/16/2019
Biddy Girls Sacred Heart vs OLQP St. Christopher  4pm 2/16/2019
Biddy Girls St. Charles vs OLSS 1 St. Christopher  5pm 2/16/2019
Biddy Girls St. Teresa vs St. Clare St. Christopher  6pm 2/16/2019
Biddy Girls SJHA vs St. Christopher St. Christopher  7pm


Biddy 1st Grade  Match Ups  Gym Time Date
Biddy 1st Grade  BSS Blue vs Sacred Heart  St. Teresa  9am 2/16/2019
Biddy 1st Grade  Holy Family vs OLSS St. Teresa  10am 2/16/2019
Biddy 1st Grade  BSS White vs Holy Child Grey St. Teresa  11am 2/16/2019
Biddy 1st Grade  OLGC Blue vs St. Clare  St. Teresa  12noon 2/16/2019
Biddy 1st Grade  OLGC White vs SJSTSJN St. Teresa  1pm 2/16/2019
Biddy 1st Grade  St.Charles vs Holy Child Red St. Teresa  2pm 2/16/2019
Biddy 1st Grade  St. Ann vs St. Teresa St. Teresa  3pm 2/16/2019
Biddy 2nd Silver Match Ups  Gym Time Date
Biddy 2nd Silver SJHA vs SJSTSJN St. Teresa 1pm 2/17/2019
Biddy 2nd Silver Holy Child vs Blessed Sacrament  St. Teresa 2pm 2/17/2019
Biddy 2nd Silver OLHC vs St. Clare Gold St. Teresa 3pm 2/17/2019
Biddy 2nd Silver St. Teresa vs St. Christopher St. Teresa 4pm 2/17/2019
Biddy 2nd Silver St. Teresa vs St. Patrick St. Teresa 5pm



Biddy 2nd Gold  Match Ups  Gym Time Date
Biddy 2nd Gold  St. Clare White vs BSS Blue Sacred Heart 1pm 2/17/2019
Biddy 2nd Gold  St. Clare Blue vs OLSS Sacred Heart 2pm 2/17/2019
Biddy 2nd Gold  St. Ann vs SJSTSJN Gold Sacred Heart 3pm 2/17/2019
Biddy 2nd Gold  Sacred Heart vs OLGC Sacred Heart 4pm 2/17/2019
Biddy 2nd Gold  Sacred Heart vs Holy Child Red Sacred Heart 5pm 2/17/2019


Biddy Coed Match Ups  Gym Time Date
Biddy Coed ASD vs Holy Family CYO- Port Rich UP 12:30pm 2/17/2019
Biddy Coed OLMC vs Holy Rosary CYO- Port Rich UP 1:30pm 2/17/2019
Biddy Coed St. Charles vs St. Rita CYO- Port Rich UP 2:30pm 2/17/2019
Biddy Coed St. Peter Paul vs St. Patrick  CYO- Port Rich UP 3:30pm 2/17/2019

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Accepting Registrations - 2019 Spring/Summer League

2019 CYO - Victory Sports
Spring Summer League

  3rd through 8th
Boys and Girls
High School
Boys and Girls
Games Played 12 Game
Regular Season
12 Game
Regular Season
Season Dates May 1st - July 12th
(no games 6/28 - 7/7)
April 23rd - June 10th
Playoffs  Begin July 17th
End by July 31st
Begin June 17th
End by June 30th
Team Fee $400 per team $425
Official Fee $30 per game $35
Divisions 10 Teams Max per division 10 Teams Max per division
Game Sites CSI, Fastbreak,
CYO Port Richmond
CSI, Fastbreak,
CYO Port Richmond
Eligibility Open to Boys & Girls
entering 3rd - 8th Grade as of 9/2019
Open to Boys & Girls
entering 9th - 12th Grade as of 9/2019

Team Fees include

  • Reversible Jerseys for all Players
  •  End of Season Team Awards
  • Other Giveaways

   Plus much, much more…….

Teams will be asked to give us minimum of 20 Days/Times that they can play

Also site they would prefer from May 1 to July 13th

(Games will be played on weekdays Monday - Friday)

For More information: Check out:  sicyo.net

Season will be done by end of June for High School

Season will be done by end of  July for 3 - 8 Grade

Register Here: https://leagueathletics.com/Registration/TeamRegList.asp?org=SICYO.NET


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